About Us

Bee garden is based in Kent, with 5 hives at present. The beeswax we use is all local, the oils are pure.

Our bees forage up to a distance of 3 miles, searching for nectar and pollen to bring back to the hive. They produce liquid wax from glands on the underside of their bodies which solidifies into tiny scales of wax. They use these to create the hexagonal cells where the Queen will lay eggs, up to 2000 a day in the early summer.

We sell most of the honey harvested from our hives, but the bees are always left with enough stored honey to feed themselves through the winter.

Beeswax is white when new, it gains its golden colour and aroma from the propolis and pollen the bees bring into the hive. Wax is fascinating stuff to work with - it is flammable so is handled with care.

Disease has meant that honeybees cannot survive in the wild without human help.

•We take their spare honey and wax, but in return, we make sure they have a strong weather-proof home and a good supply of food.

•Both sides gain, and so can customers.

Bee Garden founder with hives

The Queen