Bee Garden is a small company based in rural Kent, which prides itself on using only natural, simple ingredients to produce lip balm and skin creams. Beeswax is the principal ingredient, and has been sought-after for centuries because of its softening and protective qualities. Both products are sold in aluminium tins.

The honey lip balm is soothing and gentle, made with sweet almond oil, providing a protective layer between delicate lips and the weather.

The cream has a solid consistency in the tin, which softens and melts in contact with the skin. It is made with extra virgin olive oil, and has soothing and protective qualities, providing a barrier for hands which do rough work or are in constant contact with water.

A fragrance free version is available, as well as orange, lemon, rose and lavender [the perfumes are obtained from pure essential oils].

  1.       A major advantage of the cream is that very little is needed to smooth and nourish dry areas, such as feet, knees, elbows etc.

  2.       It is particularly effective on nails and cuticles, reducing flakiness, adding strength and shine.

  3.       The simplicity of the ingredients means that the products are suitable for almost everyone.

  4.       Customers have used the cream on eczema, burns and scars.

  5.       Gardeners, plumbers and nurses have given good reports of its use

  6.       100% Natural ingredients